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What NOT to put down the disposal

We all lead very busy lives, and it’s easy to see the convenience of tossing just about anything into the sink and knowing the garbage disposal will prevent it from clogging the drain. However, this particular kitchen appliance has its limits–to keep your disposal running smoothly and avoid plumbing problems, it’s crucial to be mindful of what you put down the drain. Here’s what we recommend you don’t put down the disposal:

Animal Fat

Pouring bacon grease or excess fat from your ground beef down the disposal may seem harmless, but it’s a recipe for disaster. Over time, these substances can solidify and create stubborn clogs. Instead, collect fats in a separate container and dispose of them in the trash.

Fibrous Vegetables

While the garbage disposal is designed to handle many food scraps, fibrous vegetables like celery, artichokes, and corn husks can wreak havoc. The fibers can entangle the blades and cause damage to the disposal. Compost or dispose of these items in the trash to save yourself from a potential jam.

Coffee Grounds

The tiny particles of coffee grounds might seem harmless, but they can accumulate in your pipes and create blockages. Consider composting coffee grounds or simply tossing them in the trash.


Contrary to popular belief, eggshells should not go down the disposal. The membrane lining can wrap around the blades, leading to a sticky situation. Dispose of eggshells in the trash, add them to your compost pile, or feed them to houseplants that are hungry for calcium.

Bones and Fruit pits

Garbage disposals are not equipped to handle hard objects like bones and fruit pits. These can dull the blades and put unnecessary strain on the motor. Dispose of bones and pits in the trash or consider composting if possible.

Pasta and Rice

Both pasta and rice expand when exposed to water, which can lead to blockages in your pipes. Instead of sending them down the disposal, toss them in the trash.

Non-Food Items

It should go without saying, but non-food items have no place in your garbage disposal. This includes plastic, metal, wood, and glass. Keep foreign objects out to prevent damage to the disposal and plumbing.

While the garbage disposal is a handy tool for managing kitchen waste, it’s essential to treat it with care. By avoiding the items mentioned above, you’ll prolong the life of your disposal, prevent clogs, and keep your kitchen running smoothly. Remember, when in doubt, it’s better to toss it in the trash than risk a plumbing headache. Your garbage disposal will thank you!

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