Trenchless Excavation

Trenchless excavation, or “pipe bursting“, is a method of replacing buried pipelines, such as sewer lines, without the need for traditional methods of replacing sewer lines.

What is the difference between these two houses?

Don’t worry, this isn’t a trick question. With trenchless excavation, there is no need to dig the entire length of a line, which can go across your yard and even under your driveway. These repairs alone will not only cost you more, but will leave you with a lot of work to get your yard, driveway, deck, “back to looking normal”.

This method of repair is undoubtedly the least destructive way to repair your main sewer line. Two holes are dug and the pipe is tied together. From there, the pipe is attached to the “bursting-end” of the machine and goes straight through while “bursting” the old line out of the way. Replacing a driveway or part of one, having to take a deck apart and/or even your beautiful landscaping, can now be left alone by utilizing this new technology used by so many of our customers today.


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