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24/Hour Emergency Service

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Frequently asked questions and TIPS

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frequently asked questions and TIPS

Your main shut-off valve could be located in various areas in your home. Either in your garage, in a closet, or next to your hot water heater.

  1. Open cabinet doors so warm air can reach the pipes under sinks.
  2. Disconnect garden hoses from outdoor faucets.
  3. Keep the garage door closed. 
  4. Keep the water dripping from your faucets to create a constant flow of water through your pipes.
  5. Insulate your pipes.
  1. Coffee grounds
  2. Pasta or other starches 
  3. Bones 
  4. Egg shells
  5. Pits from avocados, peaches, etc.
  6. Shells
  7. Corn husks
  8. Paint
  9. Cleaning products
  10. Potato 

With regular draining, flushing, and yearly inspections, the average lifespan of a water heater is 8-12 years.

While you’re gone, it’s beneficial to set your thermostat a little warmer in the summer and hotter in the winter. 

Store bought drain cleaners are very toxic. Yes, it does the trick for your average drain clog. However, if you experience drain clogs frequently, you may be doing more harm than good. These harsh chemicals could deteriorate your pipes, leading to extremely expensive repairs later on.  

Rust, sediment, and mineral buildup inside the water heater tank are typically the cause of gurgling, popping, and rumbling noises. This is common in older hot water heaters.

Sulfur gas creates a horrid and potent egg-like smell. It is either bacteria that has been produced in the ground, pipes, and sewage, or maybe something as simple as using your faucets less than normal.

It’s beneficial to replace your air filters every 30-60 days. 

You’ll want maintenance done on your HVAC system every six months. Preferably before the spring and winter. 

  1. If water is slow to drain from your sink, bathtub, toilet, or shower.
  2. Bad odor coming from drains.
  3. If your toilet is bubbling.
  4. Unexplained puddles.
  5. Toilet does not flush.

Around 10-12 years. If you would like your system to last longer, you would want to get it maintained twice a year.

It depends on the square footage of the home. If you do need a replacement, we will work with you to find one that works best for your home or business at the most reasonable cost & efficiency within your budget. 

Depending on the age of your water heater, there are many reasons. Sediment build-up, a defective heating element, or a broken dip tube. 

It could either be a faulty fill tube, the water level is set too high, or a bad flapper. 

Standing pools of water in pipes and other drain areas attract drain flies. You can get rid of them by adding a few drops of dish soap to a bowl of water with some apple cider vinegar. If that doesn’t work, please feel free to contact our plumbing technicians. 

Still have questions? give our plumbing, heating, and cooling technicians a call!

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