As shown on our “about us” page found on fullnelsoninc.com/about, Shawn Mansell goes into reasons why he started his own company. Today, we would like to share a little more of the story. Shawn knew it would not be easy.  His basis was that he wanted to be fair and honest with his customers and just was not finding that as an employee.  Seems simple, right?  Not even close!  In order to become a fully licensed and bonded company, Shawn had to fill out numerous applications for city licenses and insurances, take tests,  become qualified to do business in the city of Kansas City, MO and with Johnson County, KS, which is extremely difficult task on your own, besides all the other city’s and townships in the area.  His passion for providing excellent plumbing services to the community made his drive to overcome obstacles a welcome challenge.  And he has never looked back.  Over the years, the business has always perused it’s everyday goal of “old fashioned service, with the use of modern technology.”  The business has seen its share of ups and downs, but will not give up on the quality of our customer service and our knowledgeable staff providing honest solutions and fair pricing.  
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