Today marks two special days and we couldn’t be more happy! Today is Admin Professionals Day AND National Hug a Plumber Day!

Today’s blog is only to appreciate our fine staff and how much they mean to us. Our office staff work hard every day to ensure our customers are satisfied and taken care of.   There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes when dealing with customers, their plumbing issues, how to work the schedule when emergencies occur, making sure our customers are satisfied, and the list goes on and on. So much more happens on the day to day that doesn’t even have to do with customers and service, but running the business itself, making sure everything is set up for success!

Our plumbers are a special group that truly cares about the company they work for and our customers. Day to day, they are in constant communication with our dispatcher making sure we do our best to service our customers to the highest degree possible. They do honest, quality work which is what we stand by.

The plumbing trade requires experience on a manual, technological and “know-how” level. Plumbing has been around for centuries and we’re pretty sure the technology we have today is highly appreciated. We’ve heard and seen it all (a lot anyway) and are always happy to help!

We are so proud of our staff, who is a great team and family…we couldn’t be more happy to celebrate them all on the same day!  A BIG, HUGE THANK YOU TO YOU ALL!  

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