Spooky Furnace Frights

Is your furnace sounding a bit spooky? Looking a bit spooky? Smelling a bit spooky? It’s not because Halloween is just around the corner, it’s because your furnace is in need of a professional tune-up. If this sounds like your system, read on to learn more about these spooky furnace frights.

Many of us suffer unnecessarily when it comes to dealing with our home furnace. Having a furnace that is loud, rattles or smells like burning is not normal. In-fact, to a HVAC expert, it’s downright scary. A well-maintained furnace should operate quietly and with no burning smell.

It may not seem like a big deal. In fact, that rattling and smell can be easy to get used to but it’s usually an indicator that something more severe could be going on. Not maintaining your HVAC equipment shortens its lifespan and can lower your home’s air quality. When your furnace starts banging, rattling or smelling, it’s signaling to you that it’s in need of some attention. Here are some commonly ignored furnace frights that can lead to a major repair.

Problem: My Furnace is Banging or Rattling

Possible Issues: Cracked Heat Exchanger, Dirty Burners, Popping Duct Work

Potential Dangers: Carbon Monoxide Leak from Cracked Heat Exchanger- If you suspect carbon monoxide, turn your system off immediately and call a professional.

Problem: My Furnace has a Metal on Metal Scraping or Banging Sound

Possible Issues: Blower wheel disconnected

Potential Dangers: The Blower Wheel Has Disconnected and Can Damage Other Parts of the Unit Requiring Additional Repairs- If you suspect your blower wheel has disconnected, turn your system off immediately to avoid additional damage and call a professional to inspect.

Problem: My Furnace is Rattling

Possible Issues: Loose screw or panel. Can be Heat Exchanger if all screws and panels are secure

Potential Dangers: If all screws and panels are secure, be sure to call a professional to inspect your heat exchanger right away.

Problem: My Furnace is Rumbling

Possible Issues: A rumbling furnace usually indicates dirty gas burners or pilot light in need of adjustment. This happens when a system hasn’t been maintained in a while.

Problem: My HVAC System is Making Squealing or High Pitched Noises

Possible Issues: Loose or damaged belts, lack of lubrication for moving parts, or, a malfunctioning blower motor.

Problem: My Heater Has a Burning Smell

Possible Issue: In need of a cleaning or deep cleaning, better filter system

No matter the noise or smell, if your furnace is acting a bit spooky, it’s time to call in the professionals at Full Nelson. Our expert technicians will complete a thorough inspection of your system, show you where the issues are, and walk you through multiple options.

Just like your car or anything else mechanical- the longer you wait, the more the repair will cost in the end. Don’t wait for Halloween to come to an end. A spooky furnace today can lead to a downright scary furnace replacement before the season ends.

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