When people realize they have a plumbing problem, they might call a friend for a referral. More often these days people go to social media, ask on Facebook, look it up on Google.  There are many options to choose from and a lot of great “deals” out there.  So, what it comes down to is this: who is being honest? Who knows what they are really doing?  Are they trying to sell me up or do I really have a bigger problem?  Today, we will discuss questions to ask a plumbing company BEFORE you commit to them.  Just like seeing any professional, you want to make sure you are getting the services you NEED, and that the job is getting done the right way!  Here are a few things to look for and questions to ask:
– When searching Google, look at all the ratings and read the reviews.
– Do research on the company such as looking up the Secretary of State company issuance or the City they have their business in to make sure they are licensed.
– Are they licensed in your city? Plumbers go to a lot of different cities in the metro.  They all have requirements…does your plumber meet them?
– Do they have a good rating on the BBB? (Better Business Bureau is a great way to make sure you hire the best company for you)
– Are they bonded?
– Do they have experience? How long has your plumber been plumbing?  It takes years of experience in training and confidence in the work plumbers perform.
– How long have they been around?
– Do they have the knowledge of city requirements? When it comes to larger jobs which require permits and other factors, does your plumber know what to do in order to pass inspection?
The list could go on and on, and we would be more than happy to answer any questions on the “comment” section, give us a call, or contact us via  We want to make sure all of our customers know we have your best interest at heart.  Our company standards are something we stand behind every day!