Tuesday night will bring out all the odd, spooky and funny costumes presented each year at this time. We take joy in watching kids have fun sporting their costumes around the neighborhood and a chance to talk with neighbors along the way.  

We would like to take a minute today to share with our audience how important safety will be for you and our kids.

Please dress your child in warm clothes under their costume as temperatures will be rather cool.

Please have them wear reflective tape or something that will be obvious to drivers that they are walking alongside the road (not every neighborhood has sidewalks)

If you are driving, keep in mind that kids will be running and walking all over their own neighborhoods. Kids get excited about the costumes and ringing neighbors’ doorbells to collect the treasure trove of candy!  

We ask this Halloween to keep us all safe!
Happy trick or treating everyone!

***Also a reminder that our specials end tomorrow at 5:30 p.m.***
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