Fluid dynamics is a science of water. What comes out of your tap depends on how that water is treated, from the city to any type of treatment mechanism people use, such as water softeners. House Trons are a way to have a “water treatment” installed without the hassle of chemicals or added salt to your drinking water. For more information please visit our Fluid Dynamics page at fullnelsoninc.com/fluiddynamics. It is important to understand how helpful this product is and how much money it can save you down the road. It is a one-time installation, no maintenance, and no harsh chemicals or salt needed. Once it’s installed, your water is fully treated 100% of the time.  
Water is one of the most important aspects of our lives. Think about how many times you use water on a daily basis. This is a way to use your water and have it treated without thinking about it again! Interested in this product? Right now, we are having a special, so visit us at fullnelsoninc.com/specials and make your appointment today!
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