Once again, fall has arrived and we get an extra hour coming up this weekend! With that, comes cold weather. Don’t get caught off guard! We offer winterizing services to keep your home safe and secure during what can be very drastic freezing temperatures.

Keep in mind during those freezing temps, to check on your exposed pipes. First off, locate your main shut off valve…if you do get a frozen water line and it bursts, you will want to be able to shut off your water!  

For prevention, you can wrap exposed pipes in heat tape or some sort of insulation to help keep them from freezing. Drafty windows, garage spaces, exterior walls, and crawl spaces, should be checked for pipes that could be exposed to the cold weather and potentially cause a serious problem for you.

When we hit below freezing temps and you have a burst pipe, it becomes an emergency fast! Take prevention steps now.  

We will be happy to come out and help with prevention as well, and we offer winterization services! See our specials at fullnelsoninc.com/specials for more information. Hopefully, this article will help you prevent emergency situations this winter!

Have a great week everyone!

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