Sometimes a plumber is called and, what, that only took 2 minutes???  There are some simple plumbing solutions out there that do not require a lot of time that customers can take care of on their own.  One example is, “When I turn on my faucet, water sprays everywhere”, or “my faucet doesn’t have the same pressure that it used to.”  Before you make that call to the plumber, try taking off the aerator.  It is located right where the water comes out and usually screws off.  Because water has calcium and some areas are more prone to hard water, that can build up causing those issues.  Clean it off, or replace it.  You may be surprised what a little build up can do to your faucet.  Same with shower heads.  With those, soak them in CLR (Calcium, Lime and Rust remover…read directions) and that should help pressure and other issues with your shower. Regular maintenance like this will help keep your faucets and shower heads clear and free of build up.

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