Today we will talk a little on drain cleaning.  Some may wonder what is worthy about writing about this subject.  It could save you some money and headaches down the road…making sure the plumber you hire is doing the right thing, using the right equipment, and being honest about the state of your drains.  Many, many people have to make that horrible call, “My main line is backing up.”  There is nothing good about this.  It stinks, makes a mess and, of course, it is an expense.  When the plumber comes to your door, knowing you have a main line backing up…what kind of machine is he using?  It should be a very big machine that weighs about 260 pounds.  

There a a few different things that could be wrong with your line.  You may have roots, a belly, a break, or the city may be backed up also.  Not every back up is a disaster, and some companies may want you to believe it is.

When roots are pulled back, there are options.  There are several products to help keep roots at bay, and are normally better served right after the main line is cleaned out.  

Have your line checked after a few months…if you have more roots, talk to the plumber about other options.  

Sometimes, during the drain cleaning, a plumber can tell if there are issues such as a possible belly, or break in the line.  He may want the customer to consider a video inspection of the line to see exactly what is happening in order to make clear and concise decisions about what to do or plan for.  This technology is great, but buyer beware…if you agree to a video inspection, make sure they locate the issue and give you a copy of the video.  You are paying for the service, so you need to have your proof in hand. Companies will often offer a deal with the camera if you do the dig up work, too.  You are the customer, so ask questions.  Make sure you get everything you should out of the deal.  
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