This is a pretty long blog today, but we think it’s important enough to share. Every day, our plumbers go to homes.  Wealthy, middle class and poverty ridden.  We see it all.  While the house may be different, our policy does not change.  Showing respect, shaking a hand, smiling, what we should always do.  People matter and deserve to be shown respect…ALWAYS!  One of our partners/customers is Rebuilding Together Clay County. We urge you to check out their website to see the wonderful work they do every day at www.rebuildingtogetherclaycounty.org/. Recently, our company was called to a home where the customer was living in pretty bad conditions.  She had this to say, “I really appreciated how kind the plumber was. He put on blue shoe covers and talked to me with politeness and James was very respectful of my bathroom. I can say that he was very quick and it’s so nice to be able to wash our hands and not have to empty out the sink each time we go to the bathroom. My daughter can wash her face in the bathroom instead of walking to the kitchen every morning. It’s so nice to not worry about my autistic son trying to drink the dirty water because he’d just put his cup in the sink and grab the nasty water if I did not clean it every single time behind my 2 other sons. Thank you so much for helping our family and answering our prayers. God Bless You.”  Our client said this,  “It’s heart tugging to know there’s people in our community living in these types of situations. Thank you for the respect you show our clients!”  
The message is clear.  This is only one home, one family.  It’s the simple things that matter and one of the many reasons why we do what we do every day.  Have a great weekend everyone!

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