Quality customer service is hard to come by these days.  You either talk to a computer or somebody who does not sincerely care about your problem.  A lot of times, customers go ahead and make appointments or pay for the service even though they aren’t happy with how they were treated.  What isn’t realized in this process that has become “normal” to a lot of people is that customer SERVICE is part of the entire service! Think about that for a minute.  Why would you want to agree to a service if the person who answers the phone doesn’t seem like they genuinely care?  What does that say about the potential service you will get throughout the process? This is why here at Full Nelson Plumbing, we take every call seriously, making sure our customers are taken CARE of from beginning through the end of the process.  Are we perfect?  Of course not, but we strive every day to help people with their plumbing issues, give advice when we can, and make sure our customer is satisfied.  Everyone is busy anymore and we understand that also, but we will take the time to talk with our customer to answer questions or solve any problems they may have.  

Thank you for giving us a few minutes today! Stay cool and hydrated this week!!

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