Tips to Avoid Freezing Pipes

Keep your home safe from water damage all winter with these tips from the experts! The colder it gets outside, the higher the risk of pipes in your home freezing and bursting–possibly causing thousands in property damage. The highest risk is to the pipes in unheated areas of your home, such as the garage, the … Read more

Benefits of a Whole-Home Humidifier

Midwesterners have come to expect the dry skin, warped wood, and increased static shocks we endure every winter. The colder the day, the worse these problems get, as the process of heating our homes removes moisture from the air moving through our ductwork and into every room of our homes. Many of us will choose … Read more

Spooky Furnace Frights

Picture of scary house

Is your furnace sounding a bit spooky? Looking a bit spooky? Smelling a bit spooky? It’s not because Halloween is just around the corner, it’s because your furnace is in need of a professional tune-up. If this sounds like your system, read on to learn more about these spooky furnace frights. Many of us suffer … Read more

Kansas City Home Indoor Air Quality

Your home’s indoor air quality is something you may have never thought about before but should be something you evaluate every year. Poor indoor air quality can cause various health issues like headaches, nausea, skin irritations, difficulty breathing and more. HVAC manufacturers have been developing new technologies to help improve a home’s air quality over the past couple of decades, but many homes still do not have an air quality system.


Fall is a wonderful time of year! Football starts, kids are getting settled in school, homecoming season is upon us as well, and, did we mention football season is in full swing?!?   Another season is upon us and fall is the time of year to prepare. The temperatures are getting cooler and soon, especially … Read more


Today marks two special days and we couldn’t be more happy! Today is Admin Professionals Day AND National Hug a Plumber Day! Today’s blog is only to appreciate our fine staff and how much they mean to us. Our office staff work hard every day to ensure our customers are satisfied and taken care of.   There is a lot … Read more


Don’t let the cool weather fool you! As we’ve seen the last couple weeks, the grass is getting greener and the rain has made its presence. Spring is a great time of year after a long cold winter, but with Spring, comes rain, and sometimes, lots of it! We recommend you check your basements frequently. … Read more


This time of year a lot of people tend to want their hard earned tax refunds to go into a remodeling project in their home. We have been over before, about contractors and making sure they are licensed in your city and are making the project flow smoothly for you. Here at Full Nelson Plumbing, … Read more