Summer has come to an end and the kids are back in school. At first, it can be a little hectic getting back to school routine, but it can also be a great reminder and good time of year to have a whole house plumbing inspection.  
Why? What does my plumbing have to do with school?

The answer is simple and a great way to keep your house protected.

This time of year is about getting back into a daily routine. Also, it’s a time of year that is getting close to fall, which means sooner than later we will experience cooler weather. Now that it’s not too hot and not too cold, why not add a plumbing inspection to your annual back to school to do list? Now would be a great time to plan an hour or two to make sure everything is safe and working correctly so there are no emergencies later on.

The inspection doesn’t take long and will ensure that all your plumbing is up to par. Think about this…your son/daughter plays outside sports and you all come home after a cold practice or game (of course they are muddy, too), and what?!?…there is no hot water! What to do? Well, that becomes an emergency fast. If that water heater had been looked over a couple months before, the problem may have been taken care of.

The piping in your house is extremely important, especially during the bitter cold months as we found out last year. Protecting them now may ensure no surprises later on. A plumber will be able to notice any exposed piping that would be in danger of freezing.

During the inspection is also the perfect time to ask questions about any plumbing that is concerning or something you may want to have changed. Some good questions to ask is where the main shut off valve is located, and simple ways to troubleshoot your garbage disposal.

Back to school can definitely be a hectic time of year. Having your house inspected to prevent any major calamities, which would surely put a wrench in the “daily routine”, is an important and invaluable appointment to add to the back to school list.

We hope everyone who has kids in school is having a great first week, follow bus laws to keep our kids safe, and wishing everyone a great school year!

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