Sometimes a plumber is called and, what, that only took 2 minutes???  There are some simple plumbing solutions out there that do not require a lot of time that customers can take care of on their own.  One example is, “When I turn on my faucet, water sprays everywhere”, or “my faucet doesn’t have the … Read more


This is a pretty long blog today, but we think it’s important enough to share. Every day, our plumbers go to homes.  Wealthy, middle class and poverty ridden.  We see it all.  While the house may be different, our policy does not change.  Showing respect, shaking a hand, smiling, what we should always do.  People … Read more


Today we will discuss digging.  You may see the commercials on television about not digging in your yard until you call first to have your yard marked.  We cannot urge you enough to do this…as stated on the commercial, “it’s the law!”  Not only that, but digging into the “unknown” can hurt you physically and … Read more